There’s no room for error in the medical industry, because even the smallest compromise in products made for the medical industry can result in tragedy. Time-tested RF welding services, however, make the production and use of disposable medical vinyl iv bags both safe and economical. The flawless bonds created by RF welding ensure that medicine, fluids, bacteria and hazardous materials are all safely contained until such a time as they are needed, without fear of leakage or contamination.

The Unique Strength of RF Welding Services

Unlike heat sealing fabric, which uses the external application of heat to melt like vinyl and coated fabrics on the surface level, RF welding services charge molecules from the inside using high frequency electromagnetic waves. When the fabrics are charged and pressed together, they’re conjoined at a molecular level, creating a perfectly fused, leak-proof bond.

This flawlessness is why RF welding services are so typically used for disposable medical supplies. For example, an intravenous (IV) bag provides a controlled drip of medicinal fluids directly into a patient’s bloodstream. If the fluid inside that bag were in any way compromised by outside bacteria, particles or even air, it would be ruined and could harm the patient. The same goes for blood bags—these are made using RF welding services, creating the leak-proof seal that keeps blood from being contaminated while in storage.

Heat Sealing Fabric for More Medical Applications

Many medical products are made using RF welding services, heat sealing methods or a combination of the two. Heat sealing fabric using methods like hot wedge welding allows manufacturers to create life-saving containment options like clean room curtains, which help to provide sterile working environments. Hot wedge welding, hot air sealing and similar techniques use heat to meld fabrics together, rather than charging them with electromagnetism. While the type of bond that it creates is fundamentally different from one created with RF welding services, it is comparably strong and heavily relied upon in the manufacturing of flexible bags and clean room curtains.

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