AmCraft Manufacturing is an Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses manufacturer in the USA. Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses are used by airline ground support crews for maintenance of commercial and military aircraft. Preconditioned Air hoses (PCA) are typically used for containing air movement for cooling or cleaning purposes.  AmCraft’s Aircraft  PCA hoses are manufactured using lightweight, economical 14 oz coated polyester or a more rugged 18 oz coated polyester that are made and supplied by American companies. PCA hoses are usually yellow in color, green or black is used for military aircraft. AmCraft PCA hoses come in a variety of lengths, shapes and circumferences and are made to link to other hose ends using clamp, velcro or zipper fittings.  AmCraft PCA hoses can be manufactured as a lay flat hose for easier handling and storage, or a rigid duct constructed using a wire support sewn into the hose to provide flexibility and abrasion resistance. Insulation can be added to the hose construction if needed.

PCA airline hoses for commercial aircraft and PCA airline hoses for military aircraft are fabricated using a combination of bonding techniques that are suitable for its use. The manufacturing of pre-conditioned air hoses usually embodies a heavy sewn seam and a welding method such as radio frequency welding, hot air sealing or solvent bonding in order to fuse the material into a new one piece hose, adapter, reducer or conversion unit. This type of  hose construction provides flexibility and an air tight, weather resistant and leak proof PCA hose.

Our PCA aircraft maintenance hoses are constructed to reduce or eliminate kinking. We provide standard or custom hoses to any length with options of various hose sections that make it possible to create a perfect hose configuration.  This helps to minimize kinking and unnecessary dragging that can tear or  damage the hose. A multi-angle semi-rigid elbow section will not kink and has retractable length.  It is available with extreme insulation for use in extreme temperature climates. Wear Strip guards can be added to reduce friction and abrasion for longer wear and durability.

AmCraft is a manufacturer of sewn and welded products which includes PCA Hoses. All of our products are Made in the USA using quality materials and craftsmanship. Our customer service department is hands on, and available to help answer any questions. Additionally, we provide design assistance for any custom requirements you may have.


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