Virtually any airplane needs PCA hoses to manage the temperature and air quality inside the cabin while grounded. This is especially true of military aircraft, which need the reliability and strength of high quality aircraft hoses in order to preserve the high-powered systems on board. Without consistently monitoring and maintaining a safe temperature inside military aircraft, the integrity of the equipment inside can be seriously compromised.

Aircraft Hoses in Extreme Temperatures

Not all airplanes are built to withstand the severe temperature extremes to which military aircraft are regularly exposed. These planes are built to be strong and dependable in extreme desert heat, high velocity winds and freezing temperatures, but that doesn’t mean that they just take care of themselves. Onboard those planes are high-powered navigation systems, equipment and weaponry that can overheat, freeze up or otherwise malfunction in an uncontrolled environment. PCA hoses that filter conditioned air into the plane keep the interior temperature safer and more consistent, so that the equipment on board is protected from the extreme heat and cold that could otherwise damage them.

The Uncommon Versatility of Military PCA Hoses

Military-grade PCA hoses perform the same function as domestic equipment, but they have to be more versatile for use in active military zones. While typical aircraft hoses may be larger in size and brightly colored for efficiency and safety, military-use hoses are made to different specifications. For example, instead of being made from bright yellow material, these hoses may come in muted camouflage tones like green and gray. They are also smaller than commercial PCA hoses, making them more easily transportable and less conspicuous.

Maintaining Safe Conditions

Of course, the electronic systems and weaponry on board military aircraft aren’t the only things that necessitate a controlled environment. The passengers onboard aren’t typical airline passengers—they’re men and women in uniform, and they need the temperature and air quality to be at safe levels. Even on a commercial airplane, without PCA hoses pumping conditioned air into the plane, the temperature and CO2 levels inside can quickly reach unsafe levels. When the passengers on that plane are loaded with protective armor, heavy gear and helmets, then, maintaining a safe temperature and breathable air is all the more important.

  • Jun 08, 2018
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