All aircraft should utilize hoses that sustain safe cabin temperatures and filters out condensation. Airlines are responsible for routine transportation of passengers, which is why airline hoses with RF welding are especially important. RF welded hoses are specially fabricated to resist tearing, kinks and punctures, remaining airtight at all times in most environments. They are perfect for aircraft maintenance on the ground. Here are simply a few of the ways airlines can benefit from the use of various PCA hoses.

Jet Bridge Connectivity

One of the most common ways airline passengers enter an airplane is through a jet bridge, which is a collapsible walkway that connects the airport to the plane while resisting outside weather. The jet bridge can act as an excellent location for airtight PCA hoses when used by maintenance ground support crews.

Aircraft maintenance ground support

PCA airline hoses are designed to be durable enough to resist any kind of damage caused by heavy use outdoors in all types of weather conditions. Hoses with rigid ducts that resist tearing and kinking can be used frequently without the worry of breaking, and lay flat hoses can be quickly flattened for storage and set up whenever needed. This allows crews to provide aircraft with necessary air pressure and temperature controls at a moment’s notice.

Maintain Comfort and Safety

Apart from damaging equipment, uncontrolled temperatures (especially in hotter climates) in the pilot cabin can cause equipment to malfunction if condensation were to build up inside the instrument control panel. When using RF welded airline hoses, ground support crews can provide effective cooling or heated air and humidity control to all the equipment onboard.

  • Jun 08, 2018
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