Airplane cabins are typically small spaces—in fact, some may characterize the cabin as cramped. Because of this relatively compact size and shape, it’s absolutely crucial that the air inside the aircraft is carefully regulated. Otherwise, it would quickly become unbreathable for the people inside. AmCraft’s  Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hose delivers preconditioned air via insulated or non – insulated aircraft hoses without wasting energy or burning harmful fuels.

Controlling the Cabin

If you think that the aircraft cabin can go without ground support for a short period of time, think again. Without fresh air being consistently pumped into the cabin via an aircraft ground support hose, the oxygen supply and temperature inside the plane can reach unsafe levels. For example, without cooled air entering the plane, the internal temperature can reach over 120 degrees Fahrenheit in as little as 15 minutes. Depending on how many passengers are sitting in the plane as it sits at the gate, the consumption of oxygen and natural carbon dioxide production can render the air difficult to breathe in just a few minutes.

Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses for Aviation Ground Support

Of course, aircraft hoses and ground support systems aren’t in use 24 hours a day. When the plane is empty and not in use, it doesn’t matter what the oxygen levels or cabin temperature are like. When the plane is in the air, it uses auxiliary power on board to condition and circulate the air. So why not use that auxiliary power all the time?

Relying on auxiliary power while the plane is parked at the gate is wasteful. It would be like sitting in a parked car with the AC blasting instead of going into a cooled building—it uses a different type of power to do the same thing. Ground-based equipment is more energy efficient, and because it’s powered by electricity, it’s better for the environment than burning fuel.

Ground-based equipment is only useful, however, if it is high quality and well-maintained. Aviation hoses have to be maintained, attached, detached and stored properly, or else they can’t transport air effectively—using a damaged or poorly constructed hose is like drinking through a broken straw.

  • Jan 11, 2013
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