Condensation in PCA Hoses for aircraft maintenance is a problem when condensation builds up during use. The condensation (or moisture) that is inherent with the use of hot, high speed equipment can build up and cause problems not only within the hose but can affect the running equipment as well.

Condensation can come from 3 different sources:

  1. Rainwater and seepage
  2. Condensation on and in the hoses during the cooling process
  3. Condensation from the coil within the conditioned air

AmCraft has addressed this problem by manufacturing ‘vented’ PCA hoses. Our manufacturing team developed this over five years ago with reported great improvement not only in the performance of the hose but also its durability for long term use in extreme climates. Our hoses have numerous small diameter ‘vent ports’ to force the water to be expelled by means of interior air pressure. The conditioned air loss is negligible and offers two other benefits:

  1. The hoses will not increase in weight due to the trapped water
  2. It reduces the moisture in the insulation that typically reduces performance when wet

PCA Hoses with upgraded insulation available from AmCraft Manufacturing is becoming more popular as many U.S. and International companies are using equipment in extremely hot air and/or humid climate areas.

AmCraft Insulated PCA Hoses are Manufactured in the USA using vinyl coated fabrics with moisture proof insulation inside. Our hoses are available insulated and non insulated offering a variety of cuff combinations and hose lengths. All of our PCA hoses have a tolerance of temperature variations of -40⁰ to +275⁰.

AmCraft supplies PCA Hoses for aircraft maintenance support crews for use on Commercial and Military Aircraft (available in olive drab to comply with camouflage requirements).

Visit our website at to see examples of our hoses and hoses fittings. Call us at 877-713-4209 for questions and more information.

RX Insulated Rigid PCA Hose
  • Nov 20, 2012
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