AmCraft PCA Hoses expands to new location in Elk Grove Village, IL. The move was necessary in order to provide a larger footprint for the manufacturing of PCA Hoses and other vinyl manufactured products.

In August 2013, AmCraft Manufacturing created a new business venture under the name FabraCraft Inc. to support the Technical Data Center industry. A new website was launched in August 2013 @ . FabraCraft fabricates data center enclosures used for the containment of cold aisle and hot aisle air flow patterns. These air flow management solutions are necessary to control and contain hot / cold air flow patterns for the protection of expensive server units, typically housed in server racks. A Data Center Enclosure creates cost efficiencies from HVAC and CRAC usage and provides a clean, safe and eco friendly work environment. Data Center enclosures can be built using a self installation kit package for smaller in-house facilities, or custom designed room enclosures for new or expanded Data Centers.

In addition to this new business venture, AmCraft Manufacturing moved to a larger building to support the business growth in this new business venture and it’s existing Radio Frequency Welding, Heat Sealing and Commercial Sewing operations.  The new facility will provide a bigger footprint for the fabrication of PCA Hoses used in commercial and military aircraft ground support operations. Radio frequency welding, Heat Sealing and Commercial Sewing are the core competencies of AmCraft Manufacturing and is used to fabricate PCA Hoses as well as Data Center Enclosures.

Our new address is 580 Lively Boulevard, Elk Grove Village IL 60007

The email stays the same –

And the phone number remains the same – 877-713-4209

  • May 24, 2018
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