PCA Hoses for Commercial & Military Aircraft 

AmCraft Manufacturing has been manufacturing PreConditioned Air Hoses for over 20 years. We utilize our core competencies of cutting, sewing and heat sealing services to fabricate a wide range of aircraft ventilation hoses. Our variations of PCA hose types and configurations can be found in large and small commercial airports, as well as military specified PCA hoses used in military bases both domestically and overseas.

AmCraft is a modestly sized company of talented and experienced employees. We provide standard and custom PCA hose products that solve problems in the aircraft as well as on the tarmac. Our product engineering specialists offer options in putting together the most effective combination of components for your requirement. Improvements in our manufacturing processes help to minimize or eliminate kinks that are inherent in these products. We have designed numerous semi-custom PCA hose designs and accessories that facilitate maximized air flow solutions.

Like most product purchases, the product begins with a conversation. For a product such as PCA Hoses, we don’t just listen, we ask the right questions. Since we manufacture all of our products in house we can work through non- routine situations effectively, often times fabricating custom components to negotiate tight curves or potential damage points. We look at photos and videos of problem air flow situations and usually have solutions for a compromised PC air flow situation.

PCA Hose Construction Process

AmCraft offers a wide variety of PCA hose products including ultra-lightweight all fabric hose sections and all welded construction vinyl preconditioned air hoses. We routinely construct PCA hose with custom levels (very thin or double layers) of insulation for extreme climates. All of our standard and specialty hoses provide options of all Velcro cuffs and several different types of zipper cuffs.

A combination of automation and craftsmanship is used in the manufacturing of our product. The product then moves through a testing and quality assurance program. A substantial percentage of our completed products are put on a test stand simulating the conditions they will be subjected to in the field. We inspect our fabricated seams, both heat welded and sewn. We make certain that the condensation drain ports are functioning properly and that the cuffs that connect hose sections together are secure and leak free.

Custom & Standard PCA Hose Configurations

Although heating parked aircraft is a common practice, both the frequency and challenges of air conditioning aircraft on the ground outpace the heating scenario. We see a noticeable increase in orders with the onset of the warmer weather. Both the volume of hoses manufactured and challenges that end users face intensify in warm and humid or dry climates. Our preconditioned air hoses (PCA) come in a variety of hose lengths and cuff combinations that can be customized to fit your needs.

Our technical customer assistance representatives have in depth knowledge relative to eliminating kinks that restrict air flow in many hose combinations. We have the ability to tailor components to work most efficiently with your existing arrangement. It is possible to use our many available cuff designs to mate with most all existing hoses. AmCraft offers many types of semi-custom items in stock and a prompt response time on orders in peak season.


Our Pop Up Pit & Hatch hose is a patented / wire supported and extremely retractable hose for in-ground pit applications that have a seamless diameter reduction in the last 36 inches. The Pop Up Pit & Hatch PCA hose works well with pop up risers and hatch type systems. These retractable PCA hoses store easily under the tarmac and is a popular choice at airports with pop up or hatch pits.

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