PCA Elbow Hose Units, PCA Damper Hose, PCA Curved Outlet Hose Units

Special Hose Connections

Elbow Sections for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hoses

  • 45 and 90 degree Elbow Sections can be used with Layflat or Rigid Duct
  • Eliminate kinks and maximizes airflow
  • Adds flexibility to duct line length
  • Lightweight flat insulated or wire supported insulated models available
  • Numerous cuff / connection options available

“Y” Section for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • Can be constructed in Layflat or Rigid units
  • Dual or Triple outlet
  • In a wide range of diameters
  • One unit can have multiple diameters and / or connection types
  • Can be used in either direction

Starter Section for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • Easier hook up / disconnect
  • Custom cuff combinations
  • Eliminates removal of band clamp’
  • Available in Layflat and Rigid construction

Dampers for PCA Flat Hose and Rigid Hose

  • 4″ to 18″ Diameters
  • Instantaneous positive airflow control
  • Any Cuff Combination and Length
  • Easily adjust Airflow

Convertors for PCA Flat and Rigid Hoses

  • Zipper, Velcro or Band cuff systems available
  • Used to link PCA duct with different cuff systems together
  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Insulated Layflat or insulated wire supported

Our Specialty Connector PCA Elbows, PCA Y-sections, PCA Starter Sections, PCA Dampers and PCA Conversion Units are frequently used components with pre conditioned air (PCA) flat or rigid hoses.

All of AmCraft’s specialty PCA units maximize airflow through the elimination of kinks. To maximize / eliminate kinks in your PCA hose,run you may want to create an elongated zig-zag pattern using soft elbows in between hose sections. This also builds in the flexibility to connect with different types of aircraft without adding or removing hose sections.

Our standard and custom designed elbow units are compatible with all Airline carriers’ PCA Products inventories, and attach to all types of hoses manufactured in the last 20 years.

The changes within the aviation ground support industry have been substantial and widespread. Ground support crews are seeing an increased need to save time and costs. Our ability to recognize these evolving issues allow us to bring new and helpful products to market sooner. Amcraft manufactures stock and custom products quickly to support the demand for increased savings of time, energy consumption and maintenance costs. We continue to manufacture innovative and universally compatible products to offer solutions for every need.

Explore this new website to see all the PCA Flat and Flat Spiral Hoses, PCA Rigid Ducts & Slings, and PCA Reducers we make for the aviation ground support industry.

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