PCA Rigid Duct Hose, PCA Hose Hanger Sling, Preconditioned Airline Hoses

Rigid Ducts & Slings

Inlet and Outlet ends are available with
All Velcro Cuffs, Zipper Cuffs or Band Cuffs
Standard 8”, 10″, 12” or 14” diameter cuffs are in stock,
We stock standard length/diameter combinations of RX series transition hoses.
We manufacture Custom Sizes too.
RX Insulated Rigid PCA Hose
RX Series is wire supported and insulated. It’s linear bonded construction eliminates the potential for torn seams. Excellent for use under Jet-Bridges. With proper support, AmCraft’s RX insulated duct can be used in place of a hard wall tube in some locations under the jet bridges.
Rigid Duct
RD Series is a wire supported, spirally constructed (with wear strip). Flexible duct which is available insulated or non-insulated. A substantial range of Helical wire pitches, exterior fabrics and insulation levels are available.
Hose Hanger Sling
Eliminates restrictions and kinks while suspending a Rigid PCA Hose under a jet bridge. No tools are required for installation.


RX Transition Hose construction begins with three basic components:

  1. A two-ply, vinyl, non-insulated, wire supported welded construction ventilation hose/
  2. 1.0″ thick poly fiber insulation blanket
  3. An 18 oz. PVC coated fabric outer jacket.

The insulation blanket is affixed to the inside of the jacket while the jacket is still in its flat state.

Hook and loop fastener is sewn to the jacket edges as part of the final assembly process.

The now insulated jacket is wrapped around the vinyl wire supported hose and the weatherproof welded linear seam is closed to complete the hose body.

Advantages of RX Series Transition Hose:

  1. A thicker layer of insulation. (100% coverage of NON-compressed – 1″ thick insulation)
  2. 100% insulation coverage of the base body. There are no voids in insulation like a spirally constructed hose, whether there is no uncompressed insulation under the sewn-on wearstrip and sometimes no insulation 1/2″ on either side of the outer edge of the wear strip.
  3. With NO sewn seams we eliminate thousands of needle perforations which allow conditioned air loss when the hose is under load and allow rainwater to enter when the hose is not pressurized.
  4. Another advantage to the RX Linear construction is the elimination of seams perpendicular to the tensile stress load. The most common product failure relative to the transition hose is spiral seams opening up.

All of our Pre Conditioned Hoses are made with quality materials that are rated to the highest California fire safety codes. To view these material specifications, download our spec sheet available on this website.

Find out more about PCA Hose Sections. Click here for more information about PCA Hose Tapered Outlet Adaptors.

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"AmCraft PCA hoses are available in standard or custom sizes for Military and Commercial Aircraft."


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