Pop-up Pit & Hatch

Pop-up Pit & Hatch

AI Series PCA Hosefor Commercial & Military Aircraft Ground Support

The AI Series* PCA Hose is a spirally constructed PCA hose that AmCraft manufactures specifically for use in a ‘pop-up pit’ application.

AmCraft manufactures a custom, lightweight AI Series PCA Hose that is designed specifically for ‘pop-up’ pit applications commonly used with ground support crews of commercial and military aircraft. Due to their extreme retractability ratio and convenient in ground storage, the AI Series PCA Hose is a popular choice at airports with pop up or hatch pits.

The AmCraft AI Series* PCA Hose is a patent pending preconditioned air hose that is ideal for use in below ground level pit type applications because of its high retractability ratio. When retracted, the hose contracts below the tarmac for storage. The unique patented construction offers superior insulation qualities and works well with pop up risers and hatch type systems.

  • The 11 meter long hose easily retracts to 1.5 meters for storage
  • The 13 meter long hose easily retracts to 1.7 meters for storage
  • Custom lengths available

Multiple hose end configurations and fittings are available for connecting to aircraft, equipment and other hose sections.

Zipper Cuff
Velcro Cuff
Clamp Cuff

Built in / integrated wire rope rings on the outer edge of both the inlet and outlet cuffs ensure a positive mechanical connection from your air source to the aircraft connector. The flexible supporting spring steel wire around the hose has a pitch of 6″.  This tight (or close) pitch helical wire eliminates kinks and keeps your conditioned air flowing at nearly 100% capacity.

The spiral rubber wear guard virtually eliminates abrasions to the body of the hose. This outer wear strip / guard reduces hose abrasion and delamination, which can break down the material and damage the hose.

The AmCraft AI Hose is specifically designed for underground pop up pit applications. These hoses facilitate / combine the best of three critical aspects:

  1. Dual diameter in a one piece construction creates a smooth interior bore
  2. An insulation system that minimizes weight and water retention
  3. Maximized retraction ratio of 7:1 or greater

Features of the AI Series* Preconditioned Air Hose:

  • Helical Wire Supported
  • Highly Compressible
  • Spiral with Rubber Wearguard
  • Insulated
  • Tapered one piece construction
  • Can be manufactured to exact specifications
  • Options include material, sizes, colors and cuff fittings
  • Custom manufactured as an upgrade or replacement hose to your current support system
  • Quality made in the USA
  • Made to military specifications
  • *Patent Pending

Custom size hoses are available in SAE or Metric diameter and lengths
(When ordering please use mm—millimeters for diameter and m – meters for hose lengths)

Standard 14” (356mm– approx. 14”) inlet diameter seamlessly tapers to an 8” (203 mm—approx. 8”) outlet diameter the last 1 meters (39”). The gradual taper and the smooth bore minimize
turbulence and headloss.

Construction of an AI Series Insulated PCA Hose
The AI series hose employs an insulation that will not break down over time, even through repeated cycles of deployment and compression / retraction. Most closed cell insulations will break down over time, as cells burst during extreme retraction (compression of the insulation).

Closed cell insulation can be compared to bubble wrap, once one or more bubbles burst, the effectiveness of the insulation is deteriorated because the ‘structure’ of the insulation can no longer furnish the single most important function of insulation, which is to trap air. Additionally, open cell, closed cell and fiber based insulations develop and retain permanent creases due to retraction. Creases decrease an insulation’s ability to re-deploy itself to return it to its most inflated state, impacting its ability to trap / hold air to maximize insulation volume.

The AI insulation system maximizes the working R Value to over 5 and then retracts to 1/7th of its deployed size due to the exceptionally high content of captured air within the insulation. The AI series hose can be made to provide various levels of insulation if necessary. Most insulated hoses are capable of holding moisture or water which can lead to the growth of mold over time. AmCraft’s AI insulation minimizes or eliminates this threat through its construction.
AmCraft’sCompressible, insulated, helical wire supported and tapered pre-conditioned air hose

  • Flexibility and compressibility are maintained at low temperatures (-40°F / -40°C)
  • 14 oz Knife coated pvc polyester fabric, standard color is yellow (more colors are available)
  • Sewn construction with welded air tight seams
  • Lightweight materials are easy to deploy and retract
  • Recommended operating temperature range is –40°C to 80°C
  • Flame rated materials
  • In stock items
  • Custom & standard sizes and diameters are available

Military AI Series* PCA Hose

  • Made with ‘mil-spec’ materials
  • Because of the AI series construction, a wide range of ‘mil-spec’ materials and colors are available

*Patent Pending

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