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AmCraft PCA Hoses expands to new location in IL

AmCraft PCA Hoses expands to new location in Elk Grove Village, IL. The move was necessary in order to provide a larger footprint for the manufacturing of PCA Hoses and other vinyl manufactured products.
In August 2013, AmCraft Manufacturing created a new business venture under the name FabraCraft Inc. to support the Technical Data Center industry. A new website was launched in August 2013 @ . FabraCraft fabricates data center enclosures used for the containment of cold aisle and hot aisle air flow patterns. These air flow management solutions are necessarRead more »

What’s the Difference Between PCA Flat Hoses and Rigid Ducts?

There are different types of PCA hoses that work for different applications. Depending on how often employees use PCA hoses, they should consider what hoses will benefit them the most when working with different aircraft. Lay flat and rigid duct hoses provide different designs for various uses, helping aircraft maintenance personnel work more efficiently in preserving air quality and temperatures.

Flat Hoses

Unlike other PCA hoses, flat hoses are designed for more convenient storage, folding completely flat when not in use. They are ideal for personnel who require quick and efficient… Read more »

Why Do Aircraft Need PCA Hoses?

There’s an element of maintenance that aircraft require that other vehicles don’t need. In order to maintain cabin air temperature and quality, PCA hoses are hooked up to the aircraft once on the ground. Other modes of transportation such as buses don’t often experience extreme temperature and humidity changes that long distance air travel does. PCA hoses help keep the aircraft full of comfortable air that’s safe for passengers, pilots and equipment.

Different Options Available

Having PCA hoses attached to aircraft while on the ground saves a lot of money on aircraft damage caused by cond… Read more »