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How Does RF Welding Save Lives?

Medical facilities should contain equipment that does not allow for the possibility of life-threatening contamination in iv bags. Radio frequency welding makes it possible for hospitals and other medical offices to secure their IV bags and other vinyl containers, to prevent leakage that is potentially injurious or even fatal for patients and medical professionals.

How RF Welding Works

RF welding is a sealing method that effectively fuses materials such as vinyl and coated fabrics together from inside the seams, unlike external sealing methods. The use of high frequency electromagne… Read more »

Pop Up Pit PCA Hose and Hatch Pit PCA Hose

Have you seen the new patent pending Pop Up Pit and Hatch Pit PCA Hoses manufactured from AmCraft Manufacturing? This revolutionary space saving PCA Hose system is designed to conveniently store large and heavy preconditioned air hoses under the tarmac and out of the way. Aircraft ground support crews love the way they are easy to access and provide a full range of motion to use anywhere on the tarmac. Pop Up Pit and Hatch PCA Hose compresses neatly into the ground opening and expands to full length in order to reach aircraft air heating and air conditioning equipment. As with all of our Layflat an… Read more »