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RF Welding for Airline Hoses

All aircraft should utilize hoses that sustain safe cabin temperatures and filters out condensation. Airlines are responsible for routine transportation of passengers, which is why airline hoses with RF welding are especially important. RF welded hoses are specially fabricated to resist tearing, kinks and punctures, remaining airtight at all times in most environments. They are perfect for aircraft maintenance on the ground. Here are simply a few of the ways airlines can benefit from the use of various PCA hoses.

Jet Bridge Connectivity

One of the most common ways airline passengers… Read more »

PCA Hoses for Commercial Aircraft

In order to sustain safe temperatures for expensive and sensitive aeronautical equipment for all commercial and military aircraft, it’s important to have PCA hoses that prevent hotter or colder temperatures from damaging or disrupting the equipment. You should choose quality made PCA hoses using RF welding involved in the manufacturing process. RF welding effectively creates a strong, leak proof seal that keeps hoses from tearing or kinking when bent and used heavily, which means that a constant air temperature will flow through them. Here are some more specific ways to get the most out… Read more »