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RF Welding Services for Medical Safety

There’s no room for error in the medical industry, because even the smallest compromise in products made for the medical industry can result in tragedy. Time-tested RF welding services, however, make the production and use of disposable medical vinyl iv bags both safe and economical. The flawless bonds created by RF welding ensure that medicine, fluids, bacteria and hazardous materials are all safely contained until such a time as they are needed, without fear of leakage or contamination.

The Unique Strength of RF Welding Services

Unlike heat sealing fabric, which uses the extern… Read more »

More Than Adhesive: Sticking with Solvent Bonding

No one method of fabric sealing is perfect for every application—in fact, many products are made using more than one method. An RF weld is forged using electromagnetism, while heat sealing melts two fabrics together at the surface using a concentrated application of high heat. Similar to the latter method is solvent bonding, a third type of sealing that also fuses fabrics at a surface level. While this is accomplished by applying a chemical to the surface of the fabrics, it works differently than a simple adhesive, and creates a lasting bond without necessarily relying on a comparable applic… Read more »