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Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses Manufacturer

AmCraft Manufacturing is an Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses manufacturer in the USA. Aircraft Ground Support PCA Hoses are used by airline ground support crews for maintenance of commercial and military aircraft. Preconditioned Air hoses (PCA) are typically used for containing air movement for cooling or cleaning purposes.  AmCraft’s Aircraft  PCA hoses are manufactured using lightweight, economical 14 oz coated polyester or a more rugged 18 oz coated polyester that are made and supplied by American companies. PCA hoses are usually yellow in color, green or black is used for… Read more »

Condensation in PCA Hoses

Condensation in PCA Hoses for aircraft maintenance is a problem when condensation builds up during use. The condensation (or moisture) that is inherent with the use of hot, high speed equipment can build up and cause problems not only within the hose but can affect the running equipment as well. Condensation can come from 3 different sources:
  1. Rainwater and seepage
  2. Condensation on and in the hoses during the cooling process
  3. Condensation from the coil within the conditioned air
AmCraft has addressed this problem by manufacturing ‘vented’ PCA hoses. Our manufacturing team developed this ov… Read more »

PCA Hoses for Aircraft Ground Support

AmCraft Manufacturing fabricates many types of PCA Hoses for Aircraft Ground Support Maintenance Crews. AmCrafts PCA hoses are used in ground support for Commercial and Military Aircraft. AmCraft manufacturers and sells PCA hoses from our facility in Elk Grove Village, IL, close by O’Hare airport. All of our products are Made in the USA with quality materials, using a heat sealing process that permanently welds PVC material together to form a strong and leak proof seal.
RX Insulated Rigid PCA Hose
RX Series is wire supported and insulated. It’s linear bonded construction eliminat
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